#Nerves #Ears #Tubes

As I’m sitting here typing (when I should probably be in bed), I’m thinking and worrying about tomorrow.  My plan is to get up at 4:30 so I can get my workout (21 Day Fix Extreme- Cardio Day)in before we have to bring Kollin, our 2 year old, to get tubes by 6:15.  Our oldest had them at 15 months, but my nerves get the best of me when thinking about them putting him out.  I know I need to have more faith in God and just let it be, but I struggle with it. It’s something I know I need to improve on! Do any of you get this way?  It’s a procedure I know has been done millions of times, but I still stress! I have grown so much in my faith but have so much further to go— any ideas?!?

This is my first real post on my blog and thought I would start with something REAL and how I am feeling as I’m going to bed— more posts to come and promise they will be more intriguing 🙂


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