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Just a little about me and where fitness falls into my life—I’m NOT a trainer at a gym or a fitness guru, I’m a married 31 year-old, momma of 2 boys and business teacher to hundreds of teenagers throughout the school year!!  Do I have a passion for health and fitness?!? YES I DO!! I have always been someone that works out regularly (usually at 5 in the morning before our kids get up and interrupt or before I can come up with an excuse to not workout) and recently I have become even more into the HEALTH part of fitness. I have been a long time runner (5-8 miles daily—insane, I know) and have always eaten pretty healthy. There is a lot of will power in that! But about 2 months ago, my older sister came to me with a program, Beachbody 21 Day Fix, that she wanted to start.  First off, you have to know my sister, which would take me into a whole novel of a post (love ya Li J)— but she is one that loves to start different programs (an “I’ll start tomorrow type) and so I wasn’t quite sure what type of program this would be.  See, Linds is a very tiny woman (34 with 2 kids of her own) who doesn’t always eat the healthiest and hates working out (complete opposite of me).

Anyway, you’ll hear lots about Lindsay throughout this blog, but she inspired me to start this program with her and man am I glad I did!! Autumn Calabreese, the fitness trainer in 21 Day Fix (regular and Extreme), teaches about portion control and the RIGHT types of food our bodies need.  She has a series of 30 minute workouts, which are amazing for busy people and kick your butt, that I have grown to LOVE!! This being said, I have stopped my 5-8 miles runs since May 1, 2015 and have been doing 2 workouts a morning of ’21 Day’ and 30-60 minutes of cardio throughout the day (sometimes right after my DVD workouts and sometimes in the afternoons—elliptical, walks, etc.).  Funny thing is—I don’t miss my runs!! I feel SO much better doing this program—it works all parts of my body and focuses on fueling my body!  For me, it was a major A-Ha moment where I realized what I truly needed to focus on with my health.


Welllll, I have enjoyed this so much, and so has my sister, that we decided to coach and motivate our own Beachbody teams! Lindsay joined under an amazing coach before I did, but we have come together under that coach and are building our own teams.  One thing I want to get straight though—we aren’t in it JUST to make money and sell to people—we are in it to help motivate and work to get our friends, acquaintances and family on a journey to great health!

“My goal is to inspire you to get off your butt and do something significant with your life. We all have something special inside of us that is meant to be shared with others. However, sometimes it takes a while for us to believe in our potential. If I can help you discover that potential….well, that would be the coolest thing EVER! But hey, I can’t do the work for you!”

My favorite thing about this whole experience is that journey never ends. Even when you cross the finish line or cross the last workout off your calendar you’re never really DONE. There’s always a new challenge waiting around the corner, and tomorrow is a new day.


I am so thrilled to announce that me and my sister, Lindsay, have taken a step into the fitness industry and partnered with makers of P90X and Insanity, and Team INSPIRE, a group of nearly 300 fitness professional and enthusiasts. We cannot wait to help as many people as possible become fit and healthy!


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