For years I thought I was living by faith and relying on the Holy Spirit, when I was actually living by my own will-power — and going nowhere.  After my husband and I started going to Sunnybrook Church in Sioux City, Iowa I came to realize I have a long ways to go with growing in faith.  We were attracted to the church after going through a year of infertility.  People were talking about this ‘Sunnybrook’ church and I questioned it because I was raised a Catholic and KNEW my parents wouldn’t be thrilled about us going.  When we finally went for the first time, the first sermon we heard was in regards to couples going through infertility and how it’s out of our hands and God would let us know when the time was right.  It touched us both and 5 years later, we are still going to Sunnybrook.

I know I have grown in my faith throughout these years; we have joined small groups, had our youngest son baptized there (our oldest was baptized in the Catholic church) and we recently became members.  One of our small groups we joined was called ‘Marriage on the Rock’– which at first I thought it meant it was for marriages that were struggling– was such an eye opener for me.  It made me realize how men’s thought process is WAY different than women’s!!! They DEFINITELY think about sex A LOT more!!! HAHA! But in all seriousness, it made me and my husbands marriage THAT much better!! We also were involved in a small group, led by my brother-in-law, and included a few mutual friends.  My brother in law is very strong in his faith and I learned so much from him and felt closer to God than ever in my life.  We had a great group, but everyone got busy and it was hard to meet and so we stopped meeting.  Since then I feel like my faith has taken a back seat in my life and I need to find it again.  We go to church every Sunday with the boys and love it, but I need something else to help me grow.  Any ideas would be great!

I do plan to start reading The Purpose Driven Life again— my husband and I read that in our small group and I loved it and think I could read it ten times and still find something new to learn.  So that is my goal this summer while I’m off from teaching and I want to bring it to my blog to help me reach others too!!

More details to come– but in the mean time I am going to continue my daily praying, tithing to our wonderful church and being the best person I can be and live for God to the best of my abilities!


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