So today started out as a usual Sunday does– I get up early to workout so I can get myself ready before the rat race begins with getting the boys fed and ready before leaving for church.  7:15 rolled around and I heard Kip’s alarm going off and him ‘snoozing’ it– which frustrated me because I KNEW he wanted to get a 30 minute workout in before we left at 8:15 (so him and the boys could get some breakfast at Sunnybrook Cafe before 9:00 service).  So I kept going in and attempting to be a motivator (although I believe I was only being an annoyance)– and he finally got up at 7:30. I knew it was going to be a crazy morning from there though and he would never make it upstairs and shower before we had to leave so he could eat in time. — I truly don’t think men think sometimes about what it takes to get everything ready to go before leaving the house (clothes, food, diapers, “potty mommy”, oh Kollin pooped his diaper– and the list could go on!!).  I love my husband dearly, but some mornings like this he is so selfish (in my eyes) because he thinks about his workout and getting HIMSELF ready 🙂 — OK, there was my rant! BUUUT I was right on about not making it in time for breakfast– but I did snap these cute ‘GQ’ photos of the boys before–

There’s a big difference between men and women and being a dad and being a mom– the responsibilities are different.  Kip is a wonderful dad and helps with the kids all the time.  He gets irritated quicker with them because he isn’t around them as much as I am (especially in the summer)– he doesn’t realize what it takes to get a 2 year old and 4 year old out the door in a timely manner!  Some days I do believe it’s just easier to do it by myself– and that’s what gets me on Saturday and Sunday mornings when he IS around! I’m not used to him being there and we have a good routine, just the 3 of us, during the week. Is this common in your households?  Who does the majority of ‘kid work’?!?  Kip works his tail off at his job and provides for us more than I could ever think to— so I see that as HIS job and the house and kids (daily routines) as MY JOB– is that bad??  Is that normal?

Our Sunday did turn out great though– after the tiff in the morning.  Grill out and swimming up at my mom and dads– the kids LOVE swimming! Was a little tougher for Kollin because he just got his tubes on Friday, but he kept his little ear plugs in pretty good!   Hope you all had a GREAT Sunday!! Here’s to a good week!!     #ALynn

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