#WHAT Drives YOU? #PurposeDrivenLife


What drives you?  Guilt? Resentment and anger? Materialism? Need for approval? Fear?  These are the top 5 most common-“drive” meaning “to guide, to control or to direct”- I know I have been driven by fear!  It has overtaken my life in many incidents– fear to venture out and fear of judgement.  For the past 5 or so years (I think since I’ve gotten pregnant and had kids) I have had fear to fly!! I don’t understand why or how because growing up with a dad that’s a pilot, we traveled all over the place as a family– both commercial and on my dads Beechcraft.  I let this fear control me and lately determine if we will go on vacation because I don’t want to fly, but will drive there!! I know it’s completely out of my hands if that plane is going to go down but it’s a control issue with me— but it’s NOT IN MY CONTROL!! We have driven out to Utah the past 2 years and are going to again this summer to see Kip’s family.  I would actually fly out to Utah to see them when we do but my husband and I have grown to enjoy this trip- it’s a time to actually have a conversation (well when our 2 and 4 year old aren’t fighting or screaming!).  Does anyone else have this same fear?  I have talked to my older sister and even some friends and yes, they said they have felt this fear too– especially since having kids.  But I know it’s a fear I need to get over by just growing in my faith!!

My other fear, especially as of lately, has been this  blog– it is something I have wanted to do for quite a long time.  I read many blogs on my phone on a daily basis– family ones, faith ones, fitness ones, food ones– ones that I will share on this blog as well that hopefully you guys will find as entertaining.  It’s a place to voice our opinion, get ideas from other people or just a place to FEEL NORMAL and realize that LIFE HAPPENS and we all are in the same boat a lot of times in our lives!! Life isn’t easy!! It’s hard to let people into your life, especially your personal and spiritual life.  It’s a fear of BEING JUDGED. My sister and I had fear of starting our ‘Live, Love & Inspire’ Facebook page– would people like it, would people find it annoying, would people realize that we want to help motivate them?  Was it out of our comfort zone?!? OF COURSE it was!! But like I tell my high school students, and even have the quote on my wall, “You will never grow as a person until you step out of your comfort zone.”  We finally were able to overcome that fear and have realized that people enjoy reading REAL LIFE happenings and people need help being held accountable.   So with that being said, I hope my/our continued blogging is something you may be able to relate to, comment on and even learn from.  It’s not easy, but if it was easy, everyone would do it!

So what drives you?  How can you change what drives you so that it focuses you on a more ‘Purpose Driven Life’?  The greatest benefits of living a purpose-driven life: giving meaning to life, simplifying life, focusing life and motivating your life. “If you want your life to have impact, focus it.”



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