#21 Day Fix Preparation


You’ve placed your order and are anxiously waiting for your to arrive.  What should you do in the meantime?  Don’t lose your momentum!  There are many things you can do before your challenge pack arrives.

Get Support from Others Doing the 21 Day Fix

  • Have you contacted Lindsay or Ashley?  We will help guide you through the process.
  • Ask questions on our private Facebook page– I’m sure others have the same questions!
  • Pinterest is a great resource for 21 Day Fix recipes, tips and ideas.  Peruse boards and pins to see which ones you want to refer back to.  Some of my boards include:
    21 Day Fix
    Lindsay Buthe’s 21 Day Page
  • Follow my Blog for different ideas that I’ve posted and will continue posting
  • REMEMBER, after the first week, it gets a lot simpler!! It’s a way of life that we are prepping for!! 🙂

Figure Out What to Eat

Get Ready to Track Progress

  • Take your before measurements. Read how to take measurements the right way, plus a free printable for your before-and-after measurements
  • Take your before photos (Did you know you’re eligible for a FREE t-shirt when you submit your before and after photos?  Details HERE)
  • Print out your 21 Day Fix Tally Sheet and put them in your 21-Day Fix binder (just any 3-ring binder or folder)
  • Here is an idea of the 21 Day Fix Schedule (Workouts & Meals).  When will you fit in your workouts?  Add them to your calendar.
  • Here are some 21 Day Fix Food Cards that you can print, laminate and keep in the kitchen for easy reference

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions as you go along.  Here are some of the 21 Day Fix FAQs.  If you’re wondering something, let me or Lindsay know so we can answer it for you!

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