//Valentine’s Day DIY Cards//

I haven’t always loved Valentine’s Day because I’ve never been a big flower person or never really expected gifts but since Kyler’s first Valentine’s Day at his babysitters, I’ve a grown to LOVE the holiday!! Someone told me the other day how they like this holiday so much more than Halloween and I agree with that because the giving of candy is much more creative and fun!! Going into Target or Walmart and looking at all the boxed cards has never been appealing to me because they don’t fit my kids personalities and what they are into.  I’ve always enjoyed making the kids Valentine’s on my own based on their interests that year.  Now with the 3 kids needing Valentines I really have to be on the ball and figure out what I’m making for them all!

This year I have Kyler who is a die hard football fan (Clemson and Iowa), Kollin who is WAY into Star Wars (so not me) and Kamilynn who could watch Minnie Mouse for hours!  Using some of my creativity and computer abilities, I created the following invites for them– SO EASY!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve enjoyed making cards and invites for others as well; be it Valentine’s Day, Graduations or Baby Showers.  If there’s a card or invite you are looking to have made, shoot me an email and let me make things easier for you!! kakhansen3@gmail.com

It’s not too late to have yours made!! Easy process and low cost– create, send, print and deliver 🙂


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