//Healthy Kids Snack//

So Kyler went to a very fun and educational day camp at the ISU Extension in Sioux City  (highly recommend having your child check it out) this week and learned all about healthy choices.  Finding healthy snack options for the kids isn’t always an easy task but what he learned at the camp inspired him to come home and tell us all about it.  He brought home a few different recipes including a yogurt parfait and an “All Star Bites’ recipe that he wouldn’t stop talking about! After dinner he asked if we could please make them because he wanted to eat healthy snacks during the day.

IMG_0404.PNGLooking at the recipe, I realized we had all the ingredients (very simple recipe)!! So we gathered the below ingredients and within 10 minutes, had our bites made and in the freezer.

1 C Rolled Oats (we used instant)
1/2 C Mini chocolate chips
1/2 C Peanut Butter
1/3 C Honey
1 tsp. Vanilla
--Add all ingredients in a bowl, stir until completely mixed.  Roll into balls.  Freeze for an hour. 
--Place 2 to a baggie
--Store in fridge

A fun activity to do with the kiddos and a quick and healthy snack for them… and YOU!!



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