//What Workout Gear Would YOU Buy if given $500 to Spend?//

Time for a little hypothetical question and maybe a little Saturday workout motivation – imagine you were walking by a gym and running out the doors came the owner. He races up to you and says – ‘it’s your lucky day – I’m going to give you anything you would want if you workout at my gym for 30 days straight up to the value of $500’!

You’ve got an hour to choose what you want, it can be workout gear, equipment you would use, sports/protein drinks or just anything you would use to help motivate you to workout – what would you get?

If I were asked this question, there are 5 sites I can think of off hand that I would go to right away: Athleta, 6pm.com, BeachBody, Amazon, and Under Armour.  Some of my favorite workout gear that I wear during workouts come from those sites and my weights and other equipment are purchased from them too.  Five of my essentials to motivate my workouts include (click on the pictures to send you to the sale links):

BB Energize
Best running shoes I’ve found!! http://www.6pm.com (All brands imaginable!!)
My newest workout obsession!! (more posts to come on these amazing new finds!!!)
7/8 Tight- Athleta
Any and all Athleta gear is amazing for both workouts and all day wear!





#What Matters Most

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We too often act as if relationships are something to be squeezed into our schedules.  We talk about finding time for our children, our family and our friends or making  time for people in our lives.  I too fall to this many times in my life.  There are too many days where I am concerned about MY agenda; cleaning, laundry, house projects and the list can sadly go on.  I forget that life is about relationships.  Relationships, not achievements or the acquisition of things, are what matters most in life.  When our schedules become overloaded with meaningless activities, we start skimming relationally, cutting back on giving the time, energy, and attention that loving relationships require.

In the past 4 years since becoming a mom, I have realized that life just continues getting more hectic and it’s going to continue getting worse– between kids events, working and just LIFE!  I’ve watched so many of my friends with older kids ‘go go go’ all the time! They go from one event to the next and just do it because that’s the ‘rat race’ of society.  Busyness is an enemy of relationships! We become preoccupied with making a living, doing our work, paying bills, and accomplishing goals as if these tasks are the point of life–They are not!

Love leaves a legacy.  How you treat other people, not wealth or accomplishments, is the most enduring impact you can leave on Earth.  1st place medals, record setting stats and materialistic belonging will mean nothing at the end of your life– it’s how you treated people and the relationships you built with the people around you.

The Griswalds
The Griswalds

Granted we all have a list of family members and friends that we want to have amazing relationships with, it’s tough to reach out to them all and make the time to spend with them. I know, even with my entire family in town, it’s tough to make time each week to spend time together.  Everyone has different schedules that conflict with each others, so when we finally SET a date with each other and spend TIME together, it’s amazing!!  Like this coming weekend for the 4th, we made it a point to all be together at the Lakes– I can’t wait!! The Griswald crew will all be together! 🙂

I need to take this next statement into consideration from Purpose Driven Life and focus on holding to it:  “It’s not enough just to say relationship are important; we must prove it by investing time in them.  Relationships take time and effort, and the best way to spell love is “T-I-M-E.” ”

So my biggest take from my reading today that again, I need to focus on, is to not wait until I’m on my deathbed to figure out that nothing matters more than loving relationships.  We aren’t promised tomorrow.  Circumstances change.  People die.  Children grow up. If you want to express love, we need to do it now!

The bible stresses it repeatedly.  “Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone. Use every chance you have for doing good.  Whenever you possibly can, do good to those who need it.  Never tell your neighbor to wait until tomorrow if you can help them now.”

I know this changed my outlook on my life and I hope it’s made you look at your different relationships and the daily agendas you set for yourself.

Are relationships your first priority?


#Life #Attitude #Outcomes

Tonight my heart was happy. For the first time in over 7 months when my husband was prepping to go to Omaha, it was for something fun and something he loves to go to every summer— the College World Series.  As some of you that know our family, Omaha has been a dreaded word in our house.  October of 2014 my husband found out he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma—a very curable cancer when detected early.  As a 31 year old, healthy man and his 30 year old wife and 2 young children, you can only imagine what was going through our heads when we heard the word CANCER—we all hear the word and think the worst case scenario (especially me—the world’s biggest worry wart—besides my sister!).  Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would have to get used to the ‘cancer lingo’.  Long story short, Kip found an amazing doctor in Omaha at Methodist Hospital and started his chemo treatments.  For 6 long months we traveled to Omaha where he received his treatment and as of May 2015, his cancer is GONE!!!


This isn’t about the cancer though and what Kip went through, it’s about LIFE, CIRCUMSTANCES, ATTITUDE and LOVE.  Without those 4 words mentioned, it would have been a lot harder to get through the last few months.  Kip taught me about all 4 of these words and made me a better and stronger person.   He made me realize what is truly important in life.  He made me realize that life circumstances are out of our control.  He made me realize that a positive attitude and how we react is how we push through the hard times.  This is KIP, my husband that was battling this disease that taught ME these things while he was the one dealing with everything.  Could he have just thrown a pity party when he was diagnosed and fall into a hole? Yes—but he didn’t.  He would always tell me that things could be so much worse and that maybe God was doing this to him so that nobody else that we loved had to go through it (like our boys).  He did however question a lot at the beginning as to WHY? Why would God do this to him and why right now at the young age of 31?  But Kip’s answer was always “God has a reason for everything.”  It’s so true and this too has pushed me to have more faith and see that everything in life is out of our hands.

What I have learned most about life and happiness in the last 7 months is without a positive attitude and love and support, we won’t make it far in life.  We are so very fortunate to have the friends and family that we do and going through this ‘bump in the road’ has made us realize who these people truly are and we thank them for being who they are—truly amazing!

What I want to get across most in this post is that we ALL struggle with different things in our lives, nobody has a picture perfect life (but if you do, would LOVE to meet you)—we all like to sometimes pretend, but it’s not realistic.  Finding the positive within those negative circumstance is what is important.  So make sure you reach out to people who are struggling.  Find a support system—whether you’re struggling with family issues, weight issues, personal insecurities, financial issues or whatever you may be dealing with—find someone to grasp on to and ride the waves. I know I couldn’t ask for a better partner to ride our waves— having him has made me a better and stronger person!