Protein Bar (Quest Makeover)

My initial post on this was missing all the information so here it is again!! I make 3 different protein bar options to have during the week but I think this one is my favorite!! My sister got me hooked on Quest bars but I disliked how many ingredients were in them that I had never heard of.  I did a little researching and found a recipe I liked and then tweeked it a bit…

Protein Bar Ingredients

4 scoops protein powder (I use 1/2 chocolate Shakeology and 1/2 vanilla of usually Slim Fast brand)
1/3 c honey
1/4 c Almond Butter
4-6 tbsp. water (add tbsp by tbsp and judge consistency).

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients (except the tbsp by tbsp of water). I sometimes add powdered PB as well.  You will want a dough like consistency that isn’t too sticky.
Once you have desired consistency, form into long bars (with the recipe above, I always get 2 long bars, the width of Non Stick Reynolds Wrap). IMG_6391
Freeze for 30-45 minutes.
Take out, break into 4-5 equal bars and place in separate baggies.
Store in freezer until ready to eat!


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There are a few things I NEED every morning to stay sane throughout the day 🙂  The first is my 4:48 AM wake up call to get my booty out of bed and start my workout (before the boys get up)!!! Before I head downstairs to start my workout though I have been addicted to my E & E (Energy and Endurance) drink!!

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It gives me that little extra energy to get through my 60-75 minute workouts–2 scoops into my 8 ounces of water along with my big 48 jug of water and down stairs I go!!

My daily workouts (during the summer when I have a little more time in the mornings) consist of a 30 minute 21-Day Fix Extreme workout, a 25 minute T-25 workout and 30-45 minute run or elliptical workout.  More intense in the summer, but the workouts are quick and effective!!

My newest shoe find for these cross trainer workouts are my New Balance CrossTrainers– they are so much better than my Nike Run’s that I was using prior! On sale at Nordstrom’s even!! AND Kip heard me rave about them so much that he asked me to get him a pair! I love the men’s black and gold color!!

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IMG_3986Set up the DVD’s (or you can even LIVE STREAM all workouts online), make sure I have my resistance band and 8 and 10 pound dumb bells, and before I know it, the workouts are over!! The best feeling is knowing that they are over by 6:30, the boys are still sleeping and I have had my ONLY ‘me time’ of the day– that’s all I need (other than my coffee) to start my day off right!!

Chocolate with Almond milk, coconut extract and a cup of coffee!
Chocolate with Almond milk, coconut extract and a cup of coffee!

Once the workouts are over and I’m showered and ready for the day, I make my first coffee and add it to my favorite Shakeology recipe— quick, filling and full of all the nutrients we need in a day!! And only 160 calories!!!

Check it all out and if you have questions, email me at!!!